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Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Will LangdonWill Langdon
Success 2nd time around
Below from Will. Unsuccessful with his previous instructor so a 2nd time and well deserved pass. I have finally got my independence thanks to Ian! Lessons with Ian have helped to improve my confidence on the road, his instructions helped improve my awareness and my driving ability. I found my weekly lessons enjoyable but yet productive and Ian always gave a great critique after every lesson which helped me work on my weaker areas of driving. Thanks again Ian!

Fantastic 1st time pass.
I can not thank you more for your kindness, professionalism and hard work and getting Ellie across the finish line as a new driver 1st time at Farnborough Test Centre.

We are very proud and greatly appreciate all the hard work and efforts made by you and of course Ellie.

Your teaching methods were fab, using wipe board, toy cars, diagrams and even whatsapp feedback to help us parents and Ellie after every lesson so we could see the areas needing practice.

Ian was a wonderful teacher and 5 stars is not enough 10/10.

Success on 3rd attempt
I cannot recommend Ian enough, he took over my daughters lessons a few months prior to her test. Her confidence grew so much whilst learning with Ian, she struggles with anxiety and sometimes overthinks things, Ian dealt with those issues brilliantly, and she felt so at ease learning with him. We cannot thank him enough for everything he did. Thank you Lynne. It was a pleasure teaching your daughter and so very pleased for Aleah and her new independence.

Ben O'ConnorBen O'Connor
“I would recommend Ian to anyone who is learning to drive. He is very dedicated and his lessons are focused with lots of practical ways to help you learn. I would particularly recommend his intensive pre-test lesson if you've had a break from lessons because of delays in getting a test”. 

1st Time Pass
Brilliant teacher - even if he is my dad - have learnt so much from him about driving responsibly and safely. Had my test booked at Farnborough but a it was such a long wait I got a cancellation at Basingstoke. We only spent a couple of days driving around the Test Centre but I had learnt so much I passed 1st time. I've been driving over a year now and all the pointers he gave me about anticipating what's round the next corner have really helped whilst a couple of my friends who learnt with other instructors have had a couple of accidents already. All my friends say I'm really safe to be in a car with which is nice but it's all down to my dad teaching me properly. Thanks again for the car.

Ongoing Lessons
Isabel is learning to drive with Ian who is a brilliant teacher, patient, punctual, reliable and has a great way of explaining things. Ian also gives feedback on what to practice with mum.